As it is, mattress heights in the Tempur-Flex Collection range from 10 to 12½ inches. The fith one, the TEMPUR-Contour® Rhapsody Breeze, is the Breeze version of the TEMPUR-Contour™ Rhapsody Luxe. The choice of pocket coils for a TEMPUR-Pedic mattress is not surprising. By contrast, the Airflow Transfer System in TempFlow mattresses has air channels in the lower foam layers which allow air to flow to and from the breathable side panels of their mattresses. TEMPUR-ES as the top layer in each of its six models. Tempur-Pedic mattresses are always sent in a large size box that is the size of the mattress to prevent damaging the high quality HR foam used for proper stability, durability and support. In January 2016, Tempur-Pedic introduced its TEMPUR-Flex Collection. Another benefit of pairing these conforming springs with memory foam is the openness of the coils. Overheating is still the number one complaint heard from Tempur-Pedic® and memory foam mattress users, but new innovations in mattress cover technology and full airflow ventilation systems (see KoolFlow and Tri-Pedic reviews) offer solutions to this once problematic situation, without compromising the support value that memory foam provides. Tempur-Pedic® recently discontinued their Original Bed, with three inches of 5.3-lb. Our Casper vs. Tempur-Pedic Review. For the record, Tempur-Pedic really does only manufacture their memory foam in high quality facilities in both the U.S. and Sweden. If you find the same or comparable mattress advertised for less within 100 Days of Purchase we will refund the difference plus 10% or its FREE! Some restrictions apply. As you sink further into these more plush designs, the back is less supported and the body is more enveloped. TEMPUR Material in the Countour models. They were introduced commercially some 91 years before memory foam to relieve pressure and provide evenly distributed support, the same reasons memory foam has become popular. The Tempur-Pedic comes in a reusable canvas bag, but inside the mattress is wrapped in a tremendous amount of plastic. Our site editor Dr. Swartzburg personally used the Classic Bed for a number of years, as well as testing all the various models Tempurpedic offers. While the Celebrity Bed was one of the most popular in their series for a time, they must have realized that the 5 inches of firmer and more temperature sensitive memory foam caused quite a bit of sinking in, but it was not as surface soft in comparison to their new Tempur-Cloud series, making this a less popular choice. They decided to take the original memory foam design by NASA and transform it for sleep. This collection uses the original 5.3-lb. The original TEMPUR material is more durable than generic memory foam, giving the Tempur-Pedic mattresses a longer lifespan than most foam mattresses. The Tempur-Adapt series is the original style of Tempur-Pedic mattress, one of the first memory foam mattresses on the market. The original TEMPUR foam is still a popular mattress material; however, Tempur-Pedic has worked to develop new formulations with slight modifications. Tempur-pedic has also followed the lead of the Tri-Pedic design by perforating the memory foam layer to give Breeze mattress airflow. Pick-Up Only Call (586) 627-3626. The Legacy not only has a quicker response than the company’s first products, but it is also cooler with open-cell foam and convoluted foam in the base layer assembly. TEMPUR-Pedic describes it as “TEMPUR® material infused with PureCool™ .” Though not specified on their product page, these are phase change materials (PCMs);