The 86 on these is grounded, I thought that wire went to thermal switch. If the interconnection cord for power supply has to be replaced, please see the following table for reference. 2. For example, dual thermostat switches or dual relays could be used to control each fan separately. Performance cooling products for the automotive market. Page 9 INSTALLATION Notice: If the signal wire has to be bought separately, choose electric wire above 0.75mm. The supplied diagram is both the most reliable and easiest method I’ve found. As is the case with all DCX motors, the mechanical and electrical interfaces can be configured. 2. The full product line now includes the patented Flex-a-fit aluminum radiators, electric fans, belt-driven fans, oil coolers, Mojave heaters and Flexite windows. Using the extra Wire, Blue Female Connector, 30 Amp Fuse Holder and Blue Butt Connectors provided, attach the Positive (+) electric fan lead to the RIGHT terminal on the Thermostat Switch. Either way, this document will help explain the proper way to install and wire your new "e-fan". The DCX 35 is a powerhouse with graphite brushes and preloaded ball bearings. Using a table or workbench, lay the Electric Fan Assembly on a flat surface, Electric Fan assembly facing down. 2) Airflow can be adjusted upward or downward by tilting the fan to the desired position. I have always seen the fuse go on the 30 to the battery, I don't know what wire goes to the thermal switch that kicks fan at temperature. The wiring diagram for the relays are different from one I put in another car. Electric Fan Relay Wiring Diagram by Saum Hadi Posted on August 17, 2017 Electric fan wiring with switch and relay diagram aux fan relay wiring diagram base bimmerforums the ultimate bmw forum electric fan wiring with switch and relay diagram wiring a gm electric fan … It uses our 40-Amp Electric Relay Kit, part number 91064044, and Electric Fan Sensor, part number 91064013. 1) To make the fan oscillate push the knob on the top of the motor housing down. Ok so I am about to wire up dual electric fans on the 73. And we proudly make our products in the U.S. Products LIGHT DUTY - Gates for Pickup trucks, Service Body, Stakebed , Van Body and Cargo Vans RAILIFT™ - Rail style gates for medium and heavy-duty applications CONVENTIONAL - Offers the largest platform option because this liftgate becomes the rear door TUK-A-WAY® - General purpose application liftgates that are safely stow out of the way when … Attach the Mounting Brackets to the Shroud using two bolts per bracket. View and Download Maxon MXI 18HC001 service manual online. Split air conditioner Wall mounted Type. The DC-max 16 is a small drive with strong RE magnets, the latest winding technology, and a cost-optimized design, and is made using automated manufacturing processes. Flex-a-lite invented the Flex Fan and holds the patent for the first electric fan for the automotive aftermarket. (See Diagram … Identify the four Angled Mounting Brackets, 1/4-20 x 1/2” Hex Bolts, 1/4” Flat Washers & 1/4-20 Lock Nuts. 3) The Speed of the fan is controlled by pressing the appropriate button to select the desired Cooling/air flow requirement. (See Diagram #7) 4. If you are installing an electric fan because you want more power or better cooling, you should read The Myth Of The Electric Fan before you cont