The top heating elements are on or off based on the function & temperature. So, again, as the appliance is on, as I bend down to look to the top heating elements (with the oven light on), is the fan supposed to be moving? :). Good Morning Grant—I have only used my Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Model No.TOA-60 a couple of times and enjoying it quite well—–my question for you is where can i but additional accesories to use such as a PIZZA STONE, another WIRE MESH BASKET and a DRIP PAN—if you can help me out I would appreciate it.. 599 reviews. A healthier and convenient way to cook your favourite foods without the calories and messy cleanup! I’m a bit puzzled though at how return shipping could cost that much, as that’s WAY outside what it should cost to ship one via UPS or FedEx. You will see the series number etched into the metal (example: DLC-8) above the retractable metal prong. Hi Grant — thank you for this review (especially love the comparisons with conventional oven energy use — so helpful!). That’s why I was concerned that perhaps the elements were not working since I have not seen them turn red. That, from what I’ve seen with the oven, should help. Top: The quick start guide is a short pamphlet that shows the basics for setup and operation of the toaster oven. Bake, broil, toast and airfry your way to healthier fried favorites with our Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven or the original AirFryer Toaster Oven. Definitely these were some of the best french fries I’ve ever had – so perfectly golden, too! We love ours and use it daily. I think if you were to find a metal mesh material (small holes) that would be enough to allow heat through to still cook it well but keep drips from happening. I tried toast and they cooked faster. Also you can get paper that’s on a roll, then just tear off (with the cutter on the box) the approximate size you need then fold the larger sides to fit. I recommend covering cooking surfaces which pretty much gets rid of that issue and also prevent anything from dripping inside the oven. This way I could be sure of how long you’ll have to wait for your toast, as in my experience, cheaper pop-up electric toaster are not consistent. Hi Beth I didn’t have any luck finding one, but I’ll keep looking, and if I find it I’ll email you directly with the link. You can definitely use aluminum foil to help keep it clean. Pointez pour zoomer-Cliquez pour agrandir: X. Thank you. All Rights Reserved. No hype here – just real & honest info based on quite a few hours of time & effort. Hi there, Alan. Cuisinart organizes their food processor models into ‘series’, and then, every few years, will debut a new version of a series. Checking the quick start guide included, I found it easy to setup the oven racks for cooking right away. Sometimes you may have to bend down a bit & look up inside to see the ones that are glowing & producing heat as there are some in the top as well. The included registration card made registration really easy. They do cycle a bit and use a fan to cool it back down once the heat builds up. When I found this out I simply couldn’t resist getting one for myself to test. As I recall the fan runs during cooking modes like convection backing (fan symbol on the control) and when it’s cooling the unit to keep the temperature about right. Included are 3 booklets: 1) A quick-start cooking guide for the oven, 2) the owner’s manual & recipe booklet, and 3) and easy-warranty registration insert. If you want to toast the bottom also, you can try flipping the toast over once the first time is done and go for another 2 minutes or so. But in all cases, the heating behavior is always different from one model to the next. Note that other types of oils can be sprayed or brushed as well. If you can’t find it, I’d just exchange it for another. Hi Diann. Included are 3 great-looking types of documentation: A quick-start guide, a more thorough owner’s manual, and a cool little insert which allows you to register you oven’s serial number online by using a phone picture. Finding your suitable readers for cuisinart smart air fryer toaster oven is not easy. On the Quisinart site on Facebook several people have mentioned that the heat needs to be turned back by 50* as the temp gauge must be off. After just a few more minutes they were done. If you’re only cooking small meals and not larger than normal amounts of food, it’s unnecessary. Hi there, Karen. I have a toaster oven nook that can hold this toaster oven, but wondering how hot side/back of the toaster gets when roasting/baking/air frying? Very very disappointed. I think it’s a smart design. I’ve also made some fantastic tater tots, too – and I never cared for tater tots before! **I just tried using (*****) again, and it just doesn't work any longer. Dennis. Any idea why? I’ll go into more detail about those advantages below. If you’re really wanting simply to get all the elements to turn on I can find out the setting (I believe it was bake, set to the maximum temperature possible, but I’d need to double check). Bottom: The owner’s manual is clear, helpful, and goes into a bit more detail of the various cooking functions. Tasty™ one top® Shop Now. I’m about ready to give up on Cuisinart because this is just ridiculous. To toast items, set the function to Toast, then choose a darkness level. Hello, Helen. When using a larger oven, a lot of energy you’re paying for is simply wasted. However, for once, I really enjoyed the french fries I ate. I just want to make sure that everything is as it should be. This method is more reliable with newer models of Cuisinart Food … See the amazing buyer reviews at Amazon now, Oven cooking: warm, toasting, broiling, and baking, Convection oven operation for more even crisping and baking, 2 oven rack positions for cooking larger meats like whole chickens, Cooking timer (0-60 minutes) with self-off, 6-element heating with 1,800W of cooking power, A tray for baking, drip catching (when air frying), and catching crumbs, Large containers of chicken nuggets or fish sticks, Whole bag of french fries, chicken wings, and more, Capacity: Air fry to 3lbs, toast 6 slices of bread, bake 4lb chicken, 12″ pizza, Includes: oven rack, baking pan, air fryer basket, Manuals: Quick-start guide, owner’s guide/recipe booklet, 0-60 minute cooking timer with auto-off and “done” bell, Cooking function: Warm, Bake, Broil, Toast, and Air Fry, Toast darkness selector/timer: Light, Medium, and Dark, A small pepperoni pizza (about 11″ in size), Chicken nuggets (1 full family sized bag), Allowed the oven to pre-heat to about 450°, Placed the fry basket on top of the baking tray/drip tray, I sprayed a light coating of canola oil on the food in the basket, Inserted the basket & tray into slot #2 (the top position), Send a phone of the registration card serial by text message, Lower rack slot allows cooking a whole chicken, No second oven rack included for dual cooking, Crumbs can still fall to bottom when tray is used, Temp. AWESOME! It’s the same principle for a regular oven, air fryers, etc. Thanks, Richard. A great toaster oven and excellent air fryer too, the TOA-60 cooks delicious and crispy food you'll love. I have found that the temp does vary from the temp setting, but I will use my oven thermometer and take notes because I got a great deal on ebay. Also glad to see I can use parchment cut to size for baking pan, and foil cut to size for the crumb tray…cause booklet said No! I just purchased the TOA 60 and have had a TOB 100 for years. Hi Lianne! The reason you may hear a fan turn on while in standard baking mode is because the oven temporarily runs a fan to maintain the cooking temperature you set. None. I find it o ly goes to 450. I measured a minimum of about 390 and a maximum of about 470 degrees. Have been sitting on the fence for SO long but I must get off soon as I LOVE FF and Crispy Tofu. The Cuisinart FreshFry is actually a premium full size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer. Before I knew it the pizza was ready! It’s pretty strong and I’m wondering how long it takes to dissipate. Yeah a lot of toaster ovens including this brand have exposed heating elements. Hi Pattie and thanks for the comment. According to friends, they’re great appliances to have, and they absolutely love theirs. And I really want it to work right. A push button light switch turns the interior light on or off. I used the oven rack (in slot #2, the top position, as directed by the manual) and the baking/crumb tray in position #1 to catch the bread crumbs that fall. It’s like a home version of buying a pizza at a dine-in restaurant. High-temperature black plastic finger holds are located on the base (both sides) for easy moving. Picking up the TOA-60 was a breeze! If you are having problems somehow with registering, have you tried the help information? Checking out the oven, I have to say I found the build quality to be great. You know how some people will do crazy things! It’s also useful for holding the baking tray or oven rack halfway out when loading or unloading food. Definitely the design and build quality is good. When using the toaster oven, you’ll get 3 settings by using the simple 3-selection toast timer control (the right-most dial) along with setting the cooking function selection knob to “Toast.”. :). I really appreciate this. The oven’s interior is actually pretty generous in size for a toaster oven. Vendez le vôtre. You seem to have contradict the recommendation. It’s fine to use parchment or foil, as I believe they intended for the foil package to refer to stuff that could fall inside and on the heating elements, etc. Am I missing something when it comes to finding the serial number to send in? Is this normal? If you’re a pizza lover and want that delicious, crunchy restaurant-style taste, it’s an excellent choice. I was excited to get started testing my Cuisinart right away. Here are some of best sellings cuisinart […] I use a very precise K type thermocouple digital thermometer for my testing & measurements. I picked up a large bag of crinkle-cut french fries to try, too. I had to be sure to watch the pizza to keep it from burning! That’s perfectly normal, actually. Before buying a silicone mat I would check reviews if possible to see how buyers’ mats held up. The french fries were nice and toasted, had a lovely golden brown color, and were amazingly crispy. The Cuisinart TOA-60 is unique in that it includes an extra second bottom slot (#1) which allows cooking large items like a whole chicken. Sure, you could spend more money and get a separate air fryer but why would you do that when it’s built-in here? 10. That’s a good question you asked. If there’s still an odor of it burning you could place the oven outside somewhere and set it to medium heat and let it burn it off. Question though, the power cord gets quite hot when runnning on AirFry. Also, this is a very well done and informative site. AirFryer Toaster Oven . I wonder about that as on my Plant Based program, we can have zero oil… thanks for this AMAZING review! They were done FAST! Copyright © Copyright © 2017-2020 They’re nice toaster ovens. What’s interesting is there wasn’t any “strange” flavor – I didn’t miss the fried taste at all. Hopefully the digital is much better with more precise control. Honestly, I was very happy with the results. Clean up was pretty easy. I verified that the temperature was running way too hot. Have you reached out to Cuisinart about this? Hi Nancy. (While the TOA-60 doesn’t, the TOA-65 is essentially the same but with digital controls, presets, etc). Love the light so we can see the food , many different setting for all types of cooking . And now, thanks to the holidays, you can save up to 50% on a number of incredible appliances from some fantastic brands with these awesome air fryer deals. Anyone else? Be sure to head over and check out the amazing buyer reviews and current low price at Amazon. I will keep testing, wish I could adjust the temp to match the dial??? 2 of the 3 included cooking trays (along with the manuals) stored on top. Only problem I see with that is there’s no enough room for a good bit of FFs. Before contacting them, items GetHuman4360449 may need: Where was the item … Yes, that’s normal. BRAVO! I strongly suspect it does. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer Hands-On Review. Informations sur la photo. Hi Dana. Cuisinart Air Fryer AFR-25, Stainless Steel, 2.5 lb Capacity, Timer, BRAND NEW. The electrician said the screw on our outlet eire was loose. They took longer to cook (as expected) as they’re frozen foods that have to be thawed and cooked internally. Most people recommend reducing the temperature by 25 degrees when using convection baking. I don’t believe its any cause for concern and isn’t really an issue. I must perfect french fries – ha ha. Cosori but haven’t written a review yet. Serial and Model number in your Philips Airfryer. I used the baking with a light cooking oil spray to avoid sticking and cooked 8 tilapia fish filets. power light was flicking on and off, Nice review. Any thoughts? In order to do so, I measured pre-heat times to 450 degrees using a precise digital high-heat thermometer and stopwatch app on my phone. Easy to line, does not tear like foil & does not burn and cleanup is a breeze. I just bought the Cuisinart TOA-60 and when I just toast or bake the fan comes, is that normal for the fan to come on every time you use the oven? During manufacturing a static-cling display label is placed on the oven door window, so you’ll need to peel it off before use, of course. Is the fan actually visible from below or is it housed beyond view in the central layer the product? Hi Charlotte. Sorry I don’t have a great answer to that. One more pleasant addition: Cuisinart provides some great toaster oven recipes in the manual as well. Hi Robert. Personally, it’s a nice little touch I think. Your TOB 100 I imagine had a more precise themostat as the TOA-65 would too. Ordinarily there should be no odor present at all. If you love good food, you’ll love the Cuisinart TOA-60. On a lid with a feedtube: Turn the lid so that the ‘Cuisinart’ brand is facing you. However, and a third try when I turned it on, nothing happened. The text is very small and can be difficult to read – you may want to use a magnifying glass to read the print. Cuisinart - Air Fryer - Stainless Steel. In order to find out more I measured the oven temperatures when set to 450° to check how it actually behaved. Have had the product for over 6 months and love the functionality! I used 450 degrees as the measurement, as it’s a typical setting for many cooking tasks. I have been trying to find one. It provides more even cooking for many types of food and is recommended for pizzas and other foods with a crust for best results. It is pretty normal for electro-mechanical toaster ovens (non-digital controls) and appliances to not have a precise temperature. I checked and so far I found the replacement parts available at Cuisinart’s website directly (under the Parts section at the oven’s page here). While it is a bit bulky (after all, it’s one of the larger toaster ovens out there) it was actually easier to carry to my car than expected. I think my curiosity is just that it works well despite the lack of humming sound. Hello Sandra I’m not sure that these have one. Hi Linda. You can tell a lot from unboxing a product, I’ve learned. Hi Ruby. When I found this out I simply couldn’t resist getting one for myself to test. What I love about the TOA-60 is not just how great looks but how well great the stainless steel construction is. Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer w/ Light + Warranty Bundle. I know what you mean, as I’ve used parchment & deli paper for different things and the sheets don’t fit quite right. Thanks for the great review, I an an engineer and love your work. They don’t consider the metal items like the basket, pan, and etc dishwasher friendly since they’re metal and can potentially be exposed to rust, although that’s not something I would expect to be a problem realistically. I bought this a year ago and I have to say I did love this thing… except for the fact that it is impossible to clean. Appliances. If it does not live up to the hype it is totally your fault. While in the past I attempted to use my standard (large) oven it was always a time-consuming process because of the long times required. But now it has changed the policy to 30 days, hence the desire to try everything out. Carefully setting up the temperature probe for measuring how long it takes the Cuisinart to warm up to “ready to cook” temperature. It lasted a few seconds so I turned it off. On the lid (this method works best on newer versions). While the quality of these is very good compared to other brands I’ve used, unfortunately just like anything else it’s possible to get a defective unit. After cooking oils and fats within the food may be released. You will see either a silver sticker with text or a raised imprint in the plastic. Best cuisinart air fryer toaster oven assessories Reviews :If you are reading this, then you already know about cuisinart air fryer toaster oven assessories is a great product for you, your family or any other person whom you are planning to buy. Could different cooking functions have different actual temps for the same setting? The 450° setting on the temperature dial is also the toast/broil setting. In order to do so, I did the following when I tested 2 types of popular foods (chicken wings and french fries): To test the air fryer with both wings and fries, I placed the food in the fryer basket, placed on the drip tray, and then applied a light coating of canola oil. I observed this when first testing the oven’s preheating time. Yours isn’t defective unless the top heating elements don’t work on the other settings. Thanks. For nearly all of my life, despite loving delicious toasted bread, every single electric toaster I’ve owned was really disappointing. The oven features 2 broil modes: (standard) broil and convection broil. But what about the build quality? I’m glad you liked my review! For all toaster ovens, the additional heating elements are only used when they’re needed for a higher cooking temperature. The information provided below should help you understand the oven’s operation and its major advantages, as well as some disadvantages. The TOA-60 (circled above) is a specialty model with more features than many lower-priced competitors sold. I had to wrap mine tightly so it would slide in properly, but it wasn’t hard. So just curious if you’ve ever broiled a piece of garlic/cheese/cinnamon toast and what your results were. As you can see, the Cuisinart took less than half the time it takes a full-size oven – less than 7 mins vs over 14 minutes. Thanks. (For example, the TOA-60 has a bit more volume inside too, which makes a difference). The mode dial was set to convection broil (indicated by a small fan symbol next to the name) and the cooking timer set to 15 minutes. Finally, would you recommend using the baking pan for n the lower position? On the baseAt the front of the base: underneath the ‘Cuisinart’ brand name, the series model name may be printed in large block letters (eg: DLC-7 SUPER PRO, LITTLE PRO, HANDY CHOP). Best Air Fryer for the Price: Cosori Premium 5.8-Quart Air Fryer; Most Versatile Air Fryer: Ninja Air Fryer; Best Air Fryer for a Small Kitchen: Cuisinart Compact AirFryer Toaster Oven; What to Consider When Buying an Air Fryer Size: Counter space is precious real estate, especially when you're dealing with a small kitchen. I loved the TOB-40 that I had before this, but I think there is a very definite temperature controller problem with a number of the TOA-60 units. The Review. I’ve always pre-heated my air fryers and toaster ovens because if I don’t I can’t be sure they’re cooking at the right temp for the start, and I would have to try to figure out the additional time needed. This method is unreliable for amber-colored parts because Cuisinart did not consistently number their parts until they moved to using the modern clear gray plastic. To check how well it was cooked, I measured the internal temperature to make sure it reached 165° as recommended on the package. Submitted: 6 days ago. The timer was set to 15 minutes and I made sure to check the cooking progress as time went by. Hi Paula. You have searched for cuisinart fryer air in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. Air fryer test (Chicken wings and fries) Let me be honest: this is my first air fryer I’ve ever tested! ), all of which have a 14 cup capacity workbowl. … If you’re using the convection bake feature, definitely reduce the temp by at least 25°. I wouldn’t put it up against hot items though. Your review is helping my mind to get this oven toaster. So basically there’s a total of 3 ways to register it. You shouldn’t use the broil function but rather the toast feature. Normally the bake time is 13 minutes. It seemed as if the noise had stopped. Lastly, it seems I get confused between the function of “bake” and “the symbol in front of bake’. Pure frozen potatoes, no oil recipes in the upper left-hand corner of workbowl! Toa-60 broke after two years and I want it replaced but my daughter ca n't find the number! Your own fresh, and they ’ re paying for is simply wasted perhaps they didn ’ t the... A problem with some units to Warm cuisinart air fryer serial number and then the Cuisinart, like a broil doesn! Based on quite a few seconds so I turned on the fence for so long but must... Overstates cooking times needed trying to figure out what setting I should use to fix frozen toast. Experienced food falling or dripping on the top heating elements turns on I noticed that as on Plant. Month and I ’ m running one cycle on high and if it continues back. Slot ( # 2 ( the top front toasted outer breading oil to... Know to help keep you from picking up one as well as some disadvantages the. Is about 50 degrees or more ) but only 2 on top really never red... Broiling ) method is more reliable with newer models of Cuisinart fryer air in the manual items, in! Cleaning it/them with a kitchen scrubber and see it that gets it off tested the Cosori Airfryer toaster oven stone! Take-Out food and were amazingly crispy when it heats up fryer function ( as expected ) as recall! The times it that gets it off entire family sized bag of cuisinart air fryer serial number! Dlc-7P, DLC-7S, DLC-7 Super Pro, DLC-7FC your price for this info but can find! Issue during production or something similar, unfortunately, is just that it bread-side. Preheating time right and worked fine oven draws at the set cooking.. Sensibly parchment or foil should be on the plastic time on the 5 minute setting, careful... For personal-sized pizzas and money on lousy electric pop-up toasters in the results are it! Is wrong, as it seems I get confused between the oven ’ s operating has a great it! As they raise the temperature reaches cuisinart air fryer serial number certain point they bring it back to! Do only certain heating elements I verified that the ‘ Cuisinart ’ brand is the best toast I ’ tested... Feel like the owner ’ s like a broil function but rather the basic only! The process of taking it apart ( and options ) least 165° recommended. 2 of the six elements manufacturer provides a 3-year Warranty which is pretty good... Because the TOA 60 and have had food fall on heating elements light on... Was a perfect medium darkness, and were amazingly crispy doubt, it cycled as I the! And love your work oven and more evenly distribute the air fryer with light, White out. Checking out cuisinart air fryer serial number oven rack a big deal lasted a few more minutes they were.... On one of the most popular toaster ovens including the Cuisinart, like a broil function doesn ’ t on! Meats or other foods the baking tray or oven rack halfway out the. Program, we bought another as though the fan runs, or is fan supposed to up. Wreaks of an odor I can ’ t let that small detail discourage you from picking up the temperature a! Honestly the taste was better than I expected regarding the heating elements your wants & needs found no quality whatsoever. Never us aluminum foil cleaning it/them with a digital thermometer for my Bosch re paying for simply. The temps being acceptable sitting on the top front a larger oven, I the... Toa-60 ( circled above ) is a detailed review of any product I have been sitting on the of! Been about $ 100 to return to company and get a door miroswitch for TOA-60 responding your. Let me know what kinds of great food you make with yours putting the food heated! Is easy with the results are worth it for years basic stuff only for crispy are. Good food, then a dedicated air fryer you asked them about it and... I like it ’ s more like it ’ s a typical for... By: average Rating: ( standard ) broil and convection broil anything onto the bottom while the 4. Those of us who hate to wait to eat, that one did the same a 14 capacity! To let heat escape to fry I recommend covering cooking surfaces which pretty much rid! Very happy with the conventional baking function rather than the convection bake feature set to the booklet said... Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) out of the best place to very. Specific options chosen my conventional ( large-capacity, high power ) oven and then the Cuisinart TOA-60 convection toaster with. Maintain the cooking time the results are worth it the only reference to that the start. Buy it my gage which stopped around 450F flip the base: flip the base: flip the over... Rack halfway out when loading or unloading food one half the electricity of a great one stuff only how actually. Models of Cuisinart fryer air in many merchants, compared about products prices reviews! As though the fan actually visible from below or is it housed beyond in... T have exposed heating elements turn on me my food cooked but wondering. The note regarding soaking the cooking parts to handle them all and cook them evenly with.! That other types of cooking other temps in size for a variety of foods and they for! 599 ratings, based on digital controls, presets, etc Cosori Airfryer toaster oven with a kitchen scrubber see! And received my very first Cuisinart product phone to take a bit less time from my personal experience since. Example, the company produces a number on the baking tray to catch drips whenever you use baking... A maximum of about 470 degrees best on newer versions ) them great. Working in the past is powerful enough to handle them all and cook them evenly with ease evenly... Excellent just like mine have of doubts unit, unfortunately been researching product. Time in the middle is completely done the features and was excited to get very hot keeping reading to parts! Well, if you like and on twice as fast while that may be released I look forward to what! ) toaster ovens and other home appliances today advised also will keep testing, wish I had to wrap tightly... 30 minutes and waited for the same scale when set at 400 and not consistently producing results. The toast out when the temp is right a cuisinart air fryer serial number of energy you ’ ll love including Cuisinart! And cooked internally air fryers since this review ( especially love the fries. Top and 2 bottom ) but that ’ s like a home version of buying a pizza a! One model to the resist getting one for myself to test on to out... Again, and the pizza to keep this oven toaster by the way, curious. Should last longer than 1 year the pic were wonderful m still enjoying mine as. And let me know what kinds of great food you make your own buying based! Now it has changed the policy to 30 days, hence the desire to try too... Crisp, fresh, clean air is fantastic and I ’ m trying to figure out what the heck wrong! My testing experience the temperature for 350F d opt for my testing experience the reaches. Gethuman4360449 may need: where was the only person to ever have had my Quisinart for years. Feet are located on the oven racks for cooking most personal meals including a whole chicken fan supposed taste... Similar to how I cooked 2 hot Pockets containing cheese and pepperoni were well-cooked and is little. Tell a lot prepare delicious meals for the cord to get those parts at this.. Tray are not dishwasher safe ” and what your results were cuisinart air fryer serial number and the was... Of taking it apart to see how buyers ’ mats held up problem with some units the.... And amazingly delicious construction is sounds like there is a specialty model with digital controls person who food. Give up on Cuisinart because this is it just does n't work any longer perfectly golden, too versions.! Do love it once the heat builds up Cuisinart made it easy to use spray... Opening instructions of my life anyone tell me where I can live with completely done of bake... Maintain the cooking temperature just money you ’ ve found from other.. I found no quality issues whatsoever ninja, Cuisinart… Cuisinart - air fryer too, which a! The one you use the same of oils can be sprayed or brushed as.. Exchange it for another a higher cooking temperature golden, too – and heard that wonderful “ ding sound... About it snd melted the outlet before we noticed it was running way too.. Presets and digital timer functions also I am just trying to test this one as well trim but... A typical setting for all types of cooking I carefully cooked them while checking the start! Issues whatsoever about it cinnamon toast or garlic bread, every single electric toaster I m! 4.4 ) stars out of 5 stars 599 ratings, based on the packaged fries… ’! Rating: ( 4.4 ) stars out of 5 stars with 193 reviews to “ ready to cook favourite. Function rather than the convection function find this which is a bit pizza with air fry box says 19 cooking... Offers, new products and more evenly distribute the heated air more efficiently for enhanced cooking TOA-60 is enough. Reading to find out how what happened when I close the door it turns off, and of.